City has been easy on infractions

In Glendale, the zoning requirements for a banquet hall are different than that of a restaurant (“Leave banquet halls in Glendale alone,” Mailbag, Monday).

One of these differences is the amount of parking space that is required.

Banquet halls simply require more parking spaces. It’s a matter of logistics.

Insufficient parking lot space means an overflow of cars onto public streets, which impacts surrounding businesses and residential neighborhoods.

That infringes on the rights of existing businesses and homeowners.

The Glendale News-Press has covered many of these zoning infractions.

In my opinion, the city of Glendale has been extremely tolerant regarding zoning infractions and appeals.

At times, the city has been almost too patient, allowing more than ample opportunity for businesses to correct their mistakes.

The problem is not with the “activists” who have to fight to have zoning laws enforced.

Businesses refusing to follow the law are the ones wasting the city’s energy and resources and taxing everyone’s patience.


La Crescenta

What is being done about design?

According to Week in Review in the Aug. 23 Glendale News-Press, the Redevelopment Agency on Aug. 19 asked the developer of the nearly completed Embassy Suites hotel to fix what many on the city panel viewed as a design flaw near the structure’s helicopter-landing pad.

In Notable Quotables of that same News-Press, City Councilman Frank Quintero was quoted as saying, “That wasn’t what I voted for.”

Is asking the developer to fix the problem all that any member of the current Redevelopment Agency and City Council intends to do about this problem?

At the present time the Embassy Suites Hotel is the ugliest high-rise building in the city of Glendale, if not in all of Southern California.

Will our City Council let the developer get away with this inferior design?

If this is not corrected, I hope plaques are installed in both the Embassy Suites Hotel and in Glendale City Hall stating, “Embassy Suites Hotel helicopter landing pad compliments of Glendale Mayor John Drayman and City Council members Ara Najarian, Frank Quintero, Dave Weaver and Bob Yousefian.”



American Way of Life set to disappear

Regarding the letter by Jack Tunzi in Mailbag (“Attacks are proof of propaganda,” Saturday), I know all I need to know about Rep. Adam Schiff’s career in Congress, which is why for the first time in my adult life I will be voting for the Republicans.

Every voter should take the time to investigate the campaign donors of Schiff and check out his voting record.

Yes, Tunzi is right, the American Way of Life will disappear with the election of Schiff and Obama.

Freedom will be limited because the Democrats think they know what’s best for us, which includes spying (Schiff and Obama voted for the FISA spying bill).

Doesn’t sound American to me.



Generalities can be applied to all races

I have really tried to ignore the recent debate over the alleged comments made by City Councilman Dave Weaver regarding outdoor smoking and the Armenian community as it relates to Armenian smokers as a demographic (“Weaver taken to task again,” Aug. 27).

I don’t think for a minute that Weaver cares about the health of residents.

I don’t think that he should be dictating how I or anyone else should live their lives. The purpose of Councilmen Ara Najarian and Bob Yousefian and the other Armenian organizations seems to be to only perpetuate their own hate by making this matter a political issue and to gain attention to them and their own agendas.

This letter is not to defend Weaver over his comments because his apparent agenda is equally self-serving.

Put simply, Weaver should resign for being a silly politician playing on a pointless and political issue under the guise of public health and at the same time antagonizing an entire segment of our population.

How can we take any of these people seriously?

Regarding the smoking habits of Armenian people, or any other group of people, who cares?

I go to a local coffee shop almost every morning and see many people of different nationalities smoking together.

Who knows, maybe the Native Americans may have had it right. Maybe getting together for a smoke might be the answer to us all getting along.



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