We must unite to prevent tragedy

I hope the closed-door meeting Thursday with the Glendale Unified School District and city officials was productive (“School safety under scrutiny,” Wednesday).

This tragedy reminds me of another loss a few years ago of a Crescenta Valley High School girl on Altura and Pennsylvania avenues that prompted the installation of the signal now there. The parents and citizens of Glendale really should not have to wait for tragedy to get action.

I believe in the city and district’s desire to keep our children safe, but action needs to be taken before the next tragedy.

I beg of the school district and city staff members to next take a look at the Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School traffic and safety issues.

I am sure every other parent out there at the other district schools wants the same for their children and their school.

But it is a daily fear of mine that there will be an accident in front of our school.

Please, let’s read about new safety measures and procedures being implemented at our schools before we have to read about the death of another innocent child.



A new dawn after Obama’s victory

The election is behind us. Our nation has very serious challenges ahead, and I am honored to have the opportunity to represent California in the United States Congress. I thank the voters for allowing me to serve.

History has been made with the election of Barack Obama. I pledge to work with him to pursue shared goals.

I believe we can get our economy growing with the Fair and Simple Tax plan to simplify our tax code. I also hope that we can produce more American-made energy and help end illegal immigration with a counterfeit-proof Social Security card and stronger employer enforcement.

I remain committed to supporting our troops and veterans and improving access to healthcare and higher education.

I will also continue working in a bipartisan way to improve transportation and other local issues.

Again, I thank the voters and look forward to continuing to work together on behalf of the foothills.


San Dimas

We saw history made on Tuesday

I got home excited to turn on the news and watch this monumental election unfold before my eyes. No matter which way it went, it was going to be a first — gladly, it went my way.

I told Gabriela and Emily, our girls, “Watch with me. You’ll always remember this day,” and boy, oh boy, will we! Looking at the crowd that gathered at Chicago’s Grant Park was just an overwhelming feeling of pride and joy — men, women, children, young, old, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc., all together, some crying, some laughing, all smiling with an infinite amount of pride in their eyes.

Although no one knows what the future will bring us, Obama’s speech made me believe.

It’s up to us, and like he said, we have never been so united. A defining moment for me was when Joe Biden joined Obama on stage, and the two shook hands, hugged and patted each other on the backs.

Just thinking of that moment brings goose bumps to my body. I am proud.


La Crescenta

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