For three years in the late 1940s, Michaelynn Cashion lived in a house on Alma Street. It featured a fireplace lined on either side with bookcases, an arch between the living and dining rooms, French doors opening to a side yard and a bay window overlooking the front yard.

Although she was not aware of it at the time, the house had been designed by Alice Lee Gregg, of Gregg’s Artistic Homes. In 1949, Cashion moved to the Bay Area and didn’t return to Glendale until the mid-1980s when Gregg’s Artistic Homes was developing property near Beaudry Terrace. Cashion and her husband, Jim, chose one of the lots and asked Alice Lee Gregg to design their house.

“Alice Lee asked what I wanted,” Cashion said.

Not realizing she was describing her childhood home, Cashion replied without hesitation: “a fireplace, arch, French doors and a bay window.”

Years later, Cashion toured a house on Alma, close to her former home. As she entered, she realized the floor plan was just like her childhood house.

That was when she realized that the Alma Street house designed by Alice Lee Gregg had been the source of her childhood memories of a fireplace, arch, French doors and a bay window.

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