Rosemont staff, students embrace Halloween

     If you walked through the halls of Rosemont Middle School on Oct. 31, you may see few faces you recognize.

     That is because Halloween transformed the school into a world of make-believe where cartoon characters, past presidents, Olympic teams, strange monsters, cowboys, indians and boxes of crayons replace the usual staff and student body.

     During snack in the morning, students, teachers, and support staff assembled in the school’s amphitheatre where recognition was given to favorites in categories such as scariest, funniest, most original and best group in an informal contest judged by student applause.

     Students weren’t the only ones costumed. Vampiress Principal Michele Doll could be seen lurking in the amphitheatre chatting with students. Eighth grade history teacher Christine Collins-Cross mingled with the crowd dressed in a historically accurate costume she sewed herself using her great grandmother’s Battenberg lace. Collins-Cross offered her students extra class credit if they came to school dressed as a famous deceased American. She added that she doesn’t have any behavior problems with students on Halloween; she keeps them too busy.

Members of the office staff performed Robert Palmer’s 80s hit “Addicted to Love.” Administrative Assistant Leslie Galban lip-synced enthusiastically as his background dancers strummed guitars. 

     Science teacher Elin Terrazone, aka Queen Metamorphia, reigned over all.

     Assistant Principal Ron Sowers, who is famous for his Halloween get-ups, came this year as a crash test dummy. He said, “I think the teachers have more fun on Halloween than the kids do.”

And the kids did have fun. Eighth-grader Meline Yedigaryan, who dressed as a lady bug, said of the day’s events, “I think it was actually really fun. Everyone was having a great time. I think Mr. Anker (dressed as Michael Phelps) had a really good costume.”

     Eighth grade student Grace Taylor added, “It was fun because you get to wear stuff you don’t wear on normal days.”

     The change in routine was definitely welcomed. Said student Pauline Pechakjian, “I was up early and was excited to go to school.”


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