In theory - Rabbi Joshua Grater

Barack Obama has been picked as the next president. Propositions have been approved or turned down. How can faith guide us in making decisions on future Election Days?

While we talk about separation of church and state, I do think that our faith can play a part in helping us make good decisions in our election day choices.

We should choose from our heart, from a place of love, compassion, justice and righteousness, seeking to include as many people as possible, seeking to raise up those people and initiatives that will better our nation, state and communities. I believe that our faith can help us make sound decisions by focusing on longer term vision, Godly vision, and hopefully guiding us toward choices that we can live with in all aspects of our mind, body and soul.

We seek to do “What is right and good in the eyes of Lord.” Faith can help us make steady and sound decisions, not rash and irrational ones. Faith should not be a wedge but a compass, not a divider, but a uniter. Faith should help us bring more rights and freedoms to people, not less rights and freedoms. So, when we vote, we can answer the call to be “strong and of great courage.”

Faith should be a part of the toolbox from which we decide; there are many other tools in that box, but faith can be one of them.

RABBI JOSHUA GRATER is spiritual leader of Pasadena Jewish Temple  & Center. Reach him at (626) 798-1161.

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