Mesopotamian Nightmare

Sunday November 23 I was co-hostess for what was supposed to be a wonderful, enriching birthday party with food and entrtainment,  held at Urartu Restaurant in LA Crescenta.  This is the place where Shakeys used to be.  You can tell by the decor that much thought went into the design.  Sorry to say that is where all reasonable thought ends.  The food was absolutely awful....when we were actually served..half of our party (160 people) were NEVER served.  The wait staff was rude and the manager deranged.  He started yelling from the time we got there until he decided, at 10:00, that we should all get out...this further escualted by his staff physically asualting male and female guest alike.  Until the police came. this place is beautiful to look at but don't plan on having a good meal or being respected by the management or staff.


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