Keep the flag as a symbol of America

The American flag must not be lowered for any other cause other than the sacrifice of men and women for an American cause. Such a proposal resurfaced at Sunday’s Young Armenian Forum at the Central Library.

More than 1 million men and women in uniform have died to protect it. Thousands of police and firefighters have died in the line of duty. We must honor their bravery and their service by lowering the American flag only for their sacrifice and no other alien cause, irrespective of the atrocity. We must honor the sacrifice that the children, siblings and parents have made at the loss of someone dear to them who lost a life so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have.

For those who think so highly of the American flag that you seek from its symbolism recognition of the inhumanity perpetrated in lands far away by suggesting the lowering of the American flag to half-staff, your deference, though well-meaning, is seriously misplaced.

I am dismayed at Michael Teahan’s support for such a proposal at last night’s United Young Armenian Forum. Who besides Bruce Philpott and Lenore Solis will stand up for the honor of America’s symbol?

As a former U.S. Marine who served in Vietnam, I hold in the highest honor our pledge to preserve the dignity of our flag. The symbol that everyone in uniform signed up to defend defines the country we love and the spirit that must endure.

We lower the flag for no one but our own.



Something to make Glendale smile

Did you see the bright lights shining in the Glendale area last week? Oops, sorry, those were the bright smiles of children who participated in the annual Give Kids A Smile Day, sponsored by the American Dental Assn. and Glendale Healthy Kids. One hundred children had teeth cleaned, sealants applied and repairs completed. It would never have happened without the dedication and generosity of the dentists and their staffs who donated hours and materials. On behalf of our kids, I thank them for caring about our kids and our community.

Oh, you didn’t get a chance to volunteer this year? Glendale Healthy Kids really needed you, because we have more than 300 children apply who are now on a waiting list.

So it may be too late for Give Kids A Smile Day, but it’s not too late to help the kids. Just call us.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Levee is the executive director of Glendale Healthy Kids.

Stimulus could point way to wall

I will make this letter short and to the point, for the City Council is surely aware of the ongoing saga of the missing sound wall on the Foothill (210) Freeway’s south side between Lowell and Pennsylvania avenues that we have been waiting 34 years for and have gotten the abysmal stall from everyone, including Glendale’s “pocket veto.”

Can Councilman Ara Najarian please use his influence to receive some of the federal stimulus money that may be appropriated to Glendale (“City draws up fund wish list,” Jan. 29) and use it for the wall? At least, do it for the sake of the children at Lincoln Elementary and Crescenta Valley High schools along with those of us who have suffered for 34 years.

Mr. Najarian, please set up that wall! Anyone who has a California driver’s license should already be aware of how to drive.

Traffic safety programs have a purpose for new drivers. The best way to bring about a new awareness and attitude adjustment is to ticket the absolutely horrendous drivers in Glendale. This inclination method is universally understood.


La Crescenta

Let’s pool our money for safety

Regarding “Surplus saves cash for pool,” Thursday:

Why was the pool next to the Glendale Civic Auditorium shut down?

Surely that big, beautiful pool could have been maintained or updated if necessary, and the Beeline or other public transportation could get people there from other parks or school locations.

If it wasn’t being used or making any money to help keep the doors open, then maybe Glendale doesn’t need or really want a public swimming pool.

For my money, the most urgent cause is to make Glendale streets safe again.

Spend the money it takes to enforce the laws and get reckless drivers behind bars, if that’s what it takes.



Meters need a voice on the line

Regarding “New parking meters are for city’s gain,” Mailbag, Feb. 5:

Saturday evening, I had my first encounter with the new devices, and it would seem that there is one important area that apparently was not addressed.

Try as I may, while standing in the rain, I was unable to get the machine to respond to my pressing the buttons, as per the instructions.

I tried calling the “help” line and found myself wading through the city directory maze but unable to register the problem or speak to someone.

If the city is going to enforce and charge for parking until 10 p.m., they certainly need to have someone on the other end of the phone to accept out-of-order calls.

Not wanting to receive a ticket, I found myself driving about two blocks for another spot.

I’ll go to Montrose for my next dinner out.



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