Council backs signs

Mayor John Drayman Tuesday asked the city to look at providing neighborhood signs for four foothill communities, instead of the two proposed by city staff.

Drayman, who originally suggested the neighborhood signs, said there should be separate designations for Montrose, Verdugo City, La Crescenta and Highway Highlands. He also passed on a request for a community sign for Mountain Oaks.

A staff report called for 150 signs, but the council approved 50 at a cost of $10,000.

Drayman noted the city had a sign program into the 1970s, when they were removed. “Some of the signs were sold for scrap at the city store in the Galleria,” he said.

The signs were originally individualized to the neighborhoods, but the version displayed Tuesday was a generalized design. The signs would feature the Glendale name, the name of the district and two elements from the city seal, a peacock and an eagle.

Speaker Nancy Kent suggested a stylized hillside be used instead of the eagle. Councilman Frank Quintero agreed, saying, “The eagle looks like it's about to swoop down on the peacock.”

The council left the design alone and approved the fabrication of 50 signs at $200 each, paid for out of a special development fund. Community groups will be consulted about the location for the signs, which are not necessarily intended to be entrance and exit markers.

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