The positives of service

Pat Liddell is well known throughout the community because of his dedicated involvement in many of Glendale’s nonprofit organizations.

Liddell uses his professional skills as an attorney to help nonprofits become incorporated and to obtain tax exempt status.

“Each of us has something that we can give, and for the most part, I do what I do professionally for organizations,” Liddell said.

When he became an attorney for the Melby and Anderson law firm, his partners emphasized the importance of community service.

“They said in my initial interview that we make our living off this community, and we need to give back to this community,” Liddell said. “We’ve got to make sure that we do our part serving the folks here.”

Liddell followed his partners’ advice, becoming involved in the Kiwanis Club of Glendale. He has since served as the club’s president, as the lieutenant governor of the local division, and currently resides on the district foundation board as the chairman of the Law and Regulations committee.

“I love Kiwanis, and what they stand for and what they do,” Liddell said. “We are the largest Kiwanis Club in our district, and that is because we are a unique community of people who want to volunteer their time.”

Cathy Keen is the upcoming president of Kiwanis and has known Liddell for 10 years.

“He’s just a wonderful man with a tremendous community service spirit and sense of giving,” Keen said

One of Liddell’s most important contributions to the community was founding the Glendale Healthy Kids, an organization that provides health education and health care to underprivileged children.

Bruce Hinckley, president emeritus of Glendale Healthy Kids, helped found the organization alongside Liddell, and believes him to be a great asset.

“His knowledge of nonprofit governance as well as assisting in legal matters that nonprofits are confronted with is fabulous,” Hinckley said.

Liddell is also on the boards of the Verdugo Hills Council Boy Scouts of America and the Verdugo Mental Health Center. He maintains an active level of commitment to them all because he believes in the positive effects of each community service organization.

“You see the results, you see the kids,” Liddell said. “I mean, you take Healthy Kids. If you have an ear infection, you can’t be at school concentrating. So, they can be seen by a doctor and get a prescription that’s needed, and the parents don’t have to pay. Everybody’s ahead.”

However, Liddell recognizes that positive results cannot be achieved alone.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great individuals who are selfless,” Liddell said.

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