Will new council smell the coffee?

Regarding “Yousefian out, Friedman in,” Wednesday:

New blood is good, but please don’t let the “old blood” forget about our traffic safety issues. Every day, this is a concern. I’ve seen people run stop signs and stop lights and blow past blinking lighted pedestrian crosswalks. I’m being tailgated, even though there is a car in front of me.

To these highly strung drivers, may I suggest two things: Leave earlier, and switch to decaf.



Keeping eye on Obama’s promise

As the date nears for the April 24 commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, I wanted to make sure that you were aware of President Obama’s powerful track record, as a candidate and senator, of strong support for U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

But here we go again. Obama acted like every past president of the U.S.: make empty promises during the presidential campaign, like recognizing the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks, then waffle on the use of the term “genocide” once in the Oval Office. This has occurred during the president’s trip to Turkey.

In addition, please keep in mind that, since 1994, U.S. presidents have spoken annually on April 24 about Ottoman Turkey’s systematic destruction of its Armenian population. Obama is expected to continue this tradition.

We can go ahead and wait until April 24 for Obama’s use of the term “genocide” — as the Armenian-Armenian papers predict. But most Armenians know in their gut that the president will not use the term “genocide” to characterize the massive massacres of our ancestors starting on April 24, 1915.

So what is the purpose of this letter to the editor? Hope that the president proves me wrong and keeps his campaign promise.



Renters are a part of utility picture

Last month, the city replied to the public’s concerns about high electric rates with a “bundle of services” comparison (“High bills cause protest,” March 16). Monday, it was reported again in the Glendale News-Press: “Glendale Water & Power has among the highest electric rates in the state, but when combined with water, refuse collection and sewer charges, the city charges less than Los Angeles, Pasadena and Burbank, according to a city report” (“Utility: We help clients”).

But does that bundling allow for a relevant comparison? Is this calculation an average per household? Does it include all apartment dwellers?

If so, then the 62% of the residents would have this calculation skewed to a lower apparent cost.

Renters and condo residents in multifamily residences don’t pay for the water on their individual household bill.

A similar logic applies to the trash or refuse fees. The cost of those services is shared by both the renter and the landlord.

It is very likely that the calculation of the bundled services given by the city management is highly misleading. I’ve challenged the city with this observation before, and they have not refuted it. I’d like to see a formal reply to my inquiry.

If the calculation was done according to the actual billing statements given to residents, then the News-Press is simply serving to provide misinformation to the public and thus, has a moral obligation to correct it.

Glendale Water & Power has an obligation to provide truthful information to the public as well. The City Council members should do no less.



Don’t blame Levy for college’s woes

I would like to add to Mona Field’s comments regarding “Levy has served college well” (Mailbag, Monday). I am a current faculty member at Glendale Community College. I believe the report was overly harsh and a bit misleading (“Report: Supt. is divisive,” March 31).

The current situation at Glendale Community College between the faculty and the administration is the result of mistakes being made by both sides.

Glendale Community College is a wonderful place to work. We have a fine reputation for providing a quality education to our students and for serving the community. Our faculty and staff are the finest anywhere. They are bright, knowledgeable and dedicated employees. I am honored to be included as one of them. I believe we also have a fine “new” administration. From Audre Levy on down, they are bright, knowledgeable and likable. They were chosen by a selection committee as the best candidates. Yes, our current situation at Glendale Community College is the result of mistakes being made on both sides. There is enough blame to go around.

The technical assistance team from Sacramento that recently visited Glendale Community College recommended that both sides need to work together to resolve our current situation by improving communication, rebuilding trust and working collegially for the betterment of our students, the college and the community.

Glendale Community College has a history of solving problems with honesty and integrity. We can do it now.

All we have to do is admit that mistakes were made, own our mistakes and be willing to work together to resolve differences. The technical assistance team recommended an outside facilitator to guide us in this process. That person will join us soon to help find a solution to our current problems.

I hope both sides will approach this situation with an open mind and a willingness not to blame but to move forward in this reconciliation process.



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