Local business, Sears pair up

Phat Energy, a Southern California supplier of renewable energy products located on Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta, announced that it has begun a pilot project with Sears to help homeowners go green.

Under the terms of the limited-time program, Southern California homeowners who install a new, state-of-the-art Phat Energy solar power system will receive an energy and safety audit from Sears’ Blue Climate Crew (a $550 value) at no cost. The audit is designed to find areas in a home where power is being wasted, such as leaky door frames and back-drafting water heaters. Eliminating such power drains can help homeowners get the most from their investment in solar energy by maximizing the amount of power they are able to return to the power company in exchange for cash.

“We have married the concepts of solar power and home energy efficiency,” says Phat Energy General Manager Philippe Hartley. “We’ve created a unique proposition for people who are considering a solar energy system, and by doing so in association with Sears, we believe more people will have the confidence to take the plunge.”

Hartley went on to explain the comprehensive study that the Sears Blue Climate Crew undertakes in the partnership.

“It is an in-depth, technologically sophisticated evaluation of the entire home system,” he said. “The homeowner receives an analysis of his home with action items listed in detail and prioritized by urgency and cost.”

Hartley added that Sears’ inspectors are trained through a program run by the California Building Performance Contractors Association.

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