After the election, it’s time to laugh

I am absolutely and ecstatically delighted to have had a cartoon in the Glendale News-Press making fun of me (Saturday). Imagine: I, the candidate coming in last, was the first to help a newspaper, which had regrettably taken on a little of the characteristics of the humorless city it served, to discover — or maybe rediscover — its sense of whimsy.

I am immensely flattered by this compliment. My campaign was precisely to bring about this kind of change. And to tell the truth, I’d been a little disheartened. I thought there was no real hope for Glendale. But now, I am filled with new energies. I have recalled my job applications to various organizations in San Francisco, Boulder, Colo., and Taos, N.M. I have even forgiven Jason Wells for not reporting the fact that in one of the forums I sang a Hoagy Carmichael song as my closing statement (the only candidate in the 100-plus-year history of the city to sing at a forum) — to remind my “American-American” fellow Glendalians that they should worry a little less about watering unused golf courses to keep house prices up and celebrate more of the glories of American culture.

I am also very grateful to Councilman Dave Weaver for his comments in the article about our show that prompted all this (“A little poke at City Council,” Thursday). I would also like to assure him that I never presumed to think that I can actually teach him anything. I have suggested to our board of directors to name one seat at the theater in Weaver’s name. Of course, we will not have it occupied during Armenian productions — in deference to all those who voted for him for “narrowly patriotic” reasons.

By the way, for our next project at Luna, we are considering a reenactment of the April 21 meeting of the City Council — both the mayoral election process and the subsequent proceedings.



Calculator holds the key to tax

Bob New (“Sales tax increase is misleading,” Mailbag, Friday) has been a bit misled himself in, like many, making a common mistake when manipulating percentages. While noting, correctly, that the tax rate has increased 11% (actually a little more than 12%), he misses that the net tax paid on any purchase has, in fact, only increased 1%. For the percentage-challenged: 9.25 divided by 8.25 = 1.12, a 12% increase. However, a $10 item with 8.25% sales tax rate costs $10.825 whereas the same item with 9.25% tax rate costs $10.925, a difference of $0.10 which, compared to the $10 purchase price, is an increase of . . . all together now, 0.1 divided by 10 and then times 100 (to get percent) = 1%! Perhaps we all need to stop grumbling about too much government and review Math 101.



We cut water usage enough already

Regarding “Water rule is rebuked,” Thursday:

I do not think the proposed enforcement of water laws is fair.

I do not use much water, but how could I ever save more? I am very conservative already. I would suggest that usage of water should be based on the average usage conducted by the departments. If people go over this average usage, then increase the bill like taxing.



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