Times sure changed for the postal service

Today I am putting 44-cent postage on my letters! Does anyone remember when we had not one, but two deliveries a day and the postage was only 3 cents? I do!



Writer is spot-on about budget mess

I would like to compliment Trent Sanders for his outstanding letter in the May 13th edition of the Glendale News-Press urging a no vote on Prop 1A.

It seems like more and more of us are waking up to the abuses we are suffering under the incompetent leadership of our current state elected officials, including Gov. Schwarzenegger.

How anyone can run our state more than $40 billion in debt and apparently not even offer any meaningful cuts in the overstaffed and overpaid state employees is beyond me.

Keep up the good work, Sanders. You inspired many to pay attention and hopefully do something about it come our next election.



Letter writer is right about our rights

The letter “Armenians are omnipresent” by Diana Keshishyan reflects the true and honest opinion of the community, particularly the last line “God bless America. It gave us an opportunity to exercise our freedom,” and so say all of us.



Saving water is everyone’s task

As we all know, water is essential for mankind’s survival. However, people seem to believe that our water supply is endless because there is more water than land. Actually, only about 1% of the world’s water is available for human consumption.

Even though we have used a fraction of the available fresh water, it has been dwindling by years of drought. I agree with passing the new ordinance that would make conservation mandatory (“Water officials seek feedback on restrictions,” May 4).

It is important to improve the processes of recycling and desalination, but also we should be aware that the water shortage in California is serious.

Everyone has a responsibility to conserve, so we must make changes in our use now.


Los Angeles

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