“I'm not going to die on this hill.”

— Councilman Ara Najarian in acknowledging the lukewarm response from his colleagues on creating an ethics commission or officer to handle complaints of wrongdoing.


“We really [only] have bodies to cut at this point.”

— Planning Director Hassan Haghani on the remaining options for cutting into his budget for next fiscal year.


“Merry Christmas in May.”

— Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee Chairman Zareh Amirian on recommending that 16 nonprofits each receive $1,000 in additional grant money, a move made possible by a federal aid allotment that turned out to be larger than anticipated.


“You have a network of auto dealers that all work together, and they, together, attract shoppers. They're an important part of our sales tax base, and to have an erosion of that has an impact.”

— Glendale Development Services Director Philip Lanzafame on Chrysler's plan to shutter one of its two dealerships in Glendale.


“If there's somebody around who needs to expand and wants a new location, this would be very, very attractive because you look at the way people buy cars now, they like to go where there's a lot of dealers.”

— Jack Kyser, head of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, discussing the potential closure of a Chrysler dealership along Glendale's Brand Boulevard of Cars.


“I wasn't going to die. I had to do everything I could to survive.”

Glendale Police Sgt. Mike Toledo on engaging in a gun battle with a parolee, who shot a fellow officer. Toledo was awarded the department's highest honor the Medal of Valor on Thursday.

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