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Morality, fairness and Proposition 8

In her letter, “Math, biology and Proposition 8” [Our readers write, June 5], Robin Litster Johnson claimed that heterosexuals and homosexuals are “NOT equal” and cites their differences in ability to procreate as “irrefutable” evidence that homosexuals do not deserve the same rights as heterosexuals.

I found Ms. Johnson’s argument largely syntactical; I felt she relied on terms rather than underlying messages to prove her claim. I imagine that this would be akin to a white southerner of 1800s America attempting to prove the inferiority of black people. To counter her argument, I’m using general concepts instead of explicit labeling.

Consider two couples; each is devoted to one another and is willing to publicly declare that they will always remain together, “whether in sickness or in health.” Both have seriously considered their decision, and have agreed that there is no one on earth they would rather spend their lives with.


However, while one of these Couples-That-Love-Each-Other is encouraged to legally wed, the other, though its members possess the same devotion toward one another, must be content with a union less satisfying and meaningful. Why? It just so happens that instead of being heterosexuals, they are a same-sex couple. According to Ms. Johnson’s argument, they are unable to procreate, and therefore cannot be seen as equal citizens under United States law.

However, Ms. Johnson also acknowledges in her argument that there are some heterosexual couples that cannot have children. According to her definition, that makes them “exceptions to the rule,” but does it not also put them in the same boat as homosexual couples? Mustn’t they also rely on alternative methods to procreate? For homosexual couples can indeed have children, there is nothing in their biology that limits them from doing so. They are still human beings, and all human beings are created equal.

If you do not support gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person. But don’t let your personal principles stand in the way of another human being’s happiness and welfare. To supporters of Prop 8: take a refresher course in morality and fairness, and then put your energies toward a more “legitimate cause.”

— Emily Eisenberg


La Cañada

History course needs to be added

Apparently the writer of last week’s “Math, Biology and Proposition 8” letter failed to consider history in her evaluation of equality. The author presents a faulty line of reasoning regarding how gender alone (i.e., biology) creates the “irrefutable facts” that homosexual couples are “not equal” to heterosexual couples (i.e., math) and hence not entitled to a marriage certificate. Biology and free will dictates, of course, that none of us are truly identical. Our diversity is indeed one of the greatest attributes of the human race. We have fought against oppression and injustice throughout the history of our species. This small time window in which find ourselves debating the gay marriage ban is no different in kind than questioning the oppression of women across the centuries or opposing the murder of homosexuals during the Nazi regime (granted, there is a difference in level). Whether it has been discrimination based on caste, race, age, sexual orientation, mental capabilities, physical attributes or gender, we as a people have always ultimately decided that equality for all those who do no harm to others is the proper course of action. If history is a guide, then eventually the majority will prevail in favor of allowing any two consenting adults to join hands in marriage. May we not confuse “tradition” with what is right, fair and just.

— Carl Steiner

La Crescenta

Lights are not illuminating


Recently, Caltrans activated the on-ramp signal lights along the Foothill (210) Freeway. The CV Town Council held a public meeting in March 2008 when this very issue was discussed. The community strongly stated its opposition, specifically to the La Crescenta Avenue east bound on-ramp. At that ramp, we felt that traffic would back up and potentially affect our kids traveling to La Crescenta Elementary School. The council worked hard just the year before to have some signals added [at La Crescenta and Prospect avenues] to help alleviate traffic, and we did not want to see that work compromised.

It was stated by Caltrans at this meeting that perhaps the La Crescenta Avenue on-ramp signal should just remain green. I couldn’t agree more.

At the same meeting, Mr. Wahib Jreij, P.E. Caltrans Transportation Engineer, assured us that prior to activating the lights, local agencies would be coordinated with. The lights apparently went live on Monday, and we are all waiting patiently for that coordination!

Just as we thought, the activation of these signals caused traffic to back up beyond Prospect Avenue, directly impacting our local school traffic. Our primary concern has been, and will always be, the safety of our residents, particularly our children.

If you feel the same, I encourage you to contact Mr. Jreij at his Caltrans number (323) 259-1842.

Steve Pierce

La Crescenta


Steve Pierce is the president of the Crescenta Valley Town Council.