Tigers attack the Sun

On Friday, June 5 four members of Den 4, Pack 310 of Lincoln and Valley View elementary schools visited the offices of the Valley Sun newspapers.

The boys, Anthony Wood, Vibhu Sharma, Tommy Lovato and Jacob Cook, are first grade students.

All the boys are 7 years old.

This is the first year of scouting for the boys and they recently completed the Tiger requirement and will soon become a Wolf.

They visited the Valley Sun office to learn how newspapers are made.

While there they spoke with reporter Ruth Longoria, who told them about the Valley Sun All-Star program.

After visiting, the boys will earn a Go See It bead.

“The beads are white, orange and black,” said Anthony.

“Beads can also be earned by hiking, too,” added Vibhu.

After touring the offices, they stepped outside for a photo.

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