EDITORIAL: Seizing an opportunity

When Chrysler entered into bankruptcy protection earlier this year, all eyes turned to the two competing dealerships on Brand Boulevard to see which would get the ax.

Last month, Star Chrysler-Jeep got the bad news: The Auburn Hills-based automaker would not renew its contract.

But rather than roll over, sell off his inventory and quit, dealer owner Steve Bussjaeger reminded us all of the capitalist ingenuity that makes some of us more successful than others. He’s going to transform his dealership into a used car lot, of which the Brand Boulevard of Cars is largely missing, and bring in an outside car maintenance company to provide service.

Given the current makeup of the boulevard, we’re hard pressed to think of a reason why the revamped business venture won’t be successful, if for no other reason than it fills a niche.

So, hats off to Bussjaeger and his drive to forge opportunity out of dampened prospects.

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