710 tunnel letter was an intellectual insult

This is in response to Nat Read's nonsensical comments and diatribe (“710 tunnel would benefit Glendale,” June 6).

To suggest that the proposed 710 tunnel would reduce traffic on the 2, 5 and 134 freeways (how did he forget to mention the 210?) is highly insulting to the average person's intelligence.

The 710 tunnel would be a nightmare and definitely have a significant negative impact on residents in Glendale, La Crescenta, La Cañada and South Pasadena. Read, as the chairman of the 710 Coalition, is ad infinitum spinning his propaganda.

I was wondering what happened to Baghdad Bob, but now I know he is alive and well in Glendale and at every opportunity spreading misinformation.

I urge Glendale and La Crescenta residents to attend the 710 tunnel meetings and voice their opposition to this horrific proposed project. After the environmental impact report is completed, it will be too late to stop the tunnel from being constructed.




Flag Week should get more attention

The United States Congress, by joint resolution on June 9, 1966, approved House Resolution 763 proclaiming the week of July 14 as National Flag Week. Each year, the president is expected to issue a proclamation calling on citizens to display the flag during this week.

The origin of Flag Week is very special to me because I am one of the few people alive who was involved originally with Billy Baily of Montrose, the Crescenta-Cañada Rotary Club, Don Carpenter, the editor of the Ledger Newspaper, and Rep. H. Allen Smith, on the successful accomplishment of Flag Week.

Every year since 1967, I have sent a letter to each of the presidents, and sometimes the White House sent a copy of the proclamation to me, but no publicity is given. This causes me anger and shame, because 43 years after the original proclamation, the majority of the people with whom I speak remain in ignorance of Flag Week.

At this critical time in our nation, I would like to make a request. As an immigrant, and a proud citizen of this country, I call upon the president to make sure that more publicity and public instruction is devoted to Flag Week. Proper recognition of the week is needed for Old Glory to receive proper respect, which our flag richly deserves.

It is my hope that this year, President Obama will give some publicity to Flag Week and maybe in the near future we will include in our national calendar this event as a reminder to everyone to display their flag that week.

This is my hope and a reminder to everyone in our community to put the flag out that week, regardless of what is going to be done nationwide and help to demonstrate that there are still enough good Americans, and that patriotism is still alive in our communities.




It's important to let Old Glory fly

Why do I have a lighted flag in my front yard, you ask? Well, if you were at the Memorial Day event May 26 to honor our veterans who gave their lives for our great country, you would have heard Lt Col. Raffi Najarian's reasons for serving our country. My story is along the same path, though much humbler.

I joined the Army in September 1966, and became an MP assigned to an Army Air Base in Savannah, Ga. After a year, of the 26 of us sent there, everyone else had been sent to Vietnam, including our “90-day wonder” commanding officer. Most were sent to Saigon to escort convoys to the ports. The letters I received told of the good life they were having at the Hotel Saigon. My good fortune of staying stateside can be explained only by the fact that my brother had been drafted just after I joined, and he had just been sent to Cam Ranh Bay as a clerk.

All was going well, if you can say that about being in a war zone and not getting shot at. All of a sudden the letters stopped. Several of my friends had been killed in an ambush. The hotel was also under attack, where several were killed, including my former commanding officer who had become a good friend. Many more were wounded. My brother's base was overrun. It was such a safe place that they didn't carry weapons and had to break into the weapon storage areas to get weapons to defend themselves. He got a couple of medals for his efforts, but would never talk about what happened.

When my friends and brother came home, they were greeted by people who called them baby killers and spit at them. I have seen many of my friends' names on the wall in Washington, D.C. I thank God I did not have to go through what they did. I also promised to honor their memories and unselfish service in whatever way I could. One way is to fly our U.S. flag.

As I drove around town May 26 there were hardly any flags on homes. Yes, the city puts out some flags. Folks, we are again at war. We again have troops serving and dying. Can't everyone at least honor those who serve by posting a U.S. flag a few times a year? How about Flag Day and July 4?

You don't have to do it every day, but let me tell you, we have all been blessed because of our troops and their families, especially by those who have given their all. It seems it is the least we could do. If you are a veteran and don't think anyone cares, come on down and join us at your local American Legion. Your brothers and sisters who served will be happy to see you. The rest of you, how about posting Old Glory to show you care?

Thank you, and God bless you all.



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