Thank you for the many insights you have provided about our city and its history. I have a question. My father was a student at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, on East Broadway in Glendale. He graduated in 1951 and had a rewarding career in the profession. Now, when I drive by the building that was once the home of his alma mater, I wonder what became of the college. Can you provide any historical information, especially its post-1951 history? Signed, Daniel Rosen


Joan Walker remembers Pike's Verdugo Oaks on Glendale Avenue as a huge, wonderful place with a large dining room and bands.

“We went there often. Lots of us were sorry to see them close the doors.”

She was a member of a Toastmasters group that met at Algemac's and later at the Bear Pit on Glendale Avenue.

“They, along with Churchills and Du Pars, are, as Ralph Story said, 'not here anymore.'”

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