GCC MEETING WRAP-UP: First readings approved

The Glendale Community College Board of Trustees unanimously approved a set of proposed policy revisions that could saddle nonresidents with higher tuition fees, among other changes.

Trustees approved a draft revision of the college's nonresident tuition fee policy, which applies to students who are not permanent residents of California.

The change, if approved, would allow the college to adjust the fee annually.

The board also approved a draft revision of a policy related to refunds for students who withdraw from courses they have already started.

The revision, if approved, would no longer guarantee full refunds to students who withdraw from courses already in session, altering the language of the policy to read that students seeking refunds “may receive a refund of some fees paid” instead of “will receive a 100% refund.”

Trustees also approved a first reading of a proposal that would allow the college's president/superintendent to establish new conditions under which visitors and minors can come to the campus.


The board approved drafts of the revisions and will vote on updated proposals later this year.



Trustees heard a presentation on the college's timeline for applying for accreditation, as well as an update from faculty members on a developing draft of their accreditation report. The draft is available for viewing at www.glendale.edu/accreditation, along with a timeline and other related documents.


The report was just an update on an ongoing process.



The board approved a recommendation to change student fees by eliminating a $2 catalog fee, but increased transcript charges, establishing a new fee for the repeat issues of checks and increasing the GED test fee.


Students will see varied financial impact depending on their needs for transcripts and other materials.

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