MAILBAG: Group takes animal rights way too far

I know Glendale has flies, but in the condominium complex where I live, we do have such a problem. This brings me to the reason for this letter. I just had to write.

There's another crazy organization out there besides the American Civil Liberties Union. The group's name is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

The media, of course, played up a non-incident that happened when President Obama was being interviewed recently. He swatted and killed an annoying fly. Guess what? PETA came to Obama's rescue by sending him a “humane” bug catcher, which allows the wielder to catch the fly alive and then release it outside. Hey, we can't even kill flies anymore, PETA is watching!

Can I go on? About three years ago, I saved a story in the Glendale News-Press that carried the idiotic headline of “Nestle asked to withdraw sponsorship of fishing tournament.”

In the article, PETA was described as an “animal rights protection group.” I have never classified fish as animals, and I don't think fishermen do either. But going on, the purpose of contacting Nestle was to ask the Glendale-based company to reconsider sponsoring the upcoming fishing tournament.

Here's what PETA wrote to Nestle: “It is cruel to trick a small animal into impaling themselves in the mouth and yanking them out of their environment.” A PETA representative said people “care deeply” about animals and they would be appalled at the suffering fish go through, thanks to the fishermen. I couldn't' believe what I read.

Then last year on a radio program, a member of PETA was asked the question: “If you had the choice of saving a human being or an animal, which one would it be?”

Without hesitation, the woman answered, “The animal.”

There you have it folks. What else can you call PETA but a crazy organization? Only in America can such an organization exist.




Let's stick with what has worked

If we want to keep America, then we must keep our schools safe and teach our children well, plus make means for them to eat a valuable lunch, at least. Let's do things again that worked for many years.




Man's crusade wasn't worth it

I've been a longtime resident of Glendale, and over the past few years I've seen many people complaining about how the city spends its money. There are a few people like Herbert Molano, who do it regularly.

Now forgive me for asking, but am I to understand that Molano's latest escapade of suing this city that he proclaims to love so much has cost the city $677,000 to defend? Apparently the California Supreme Court also believes that Molano's claims were not valid, threw his case out, and ordered him to repay the city $29,000 in legal fees (“City wants legal expenses repaid,” June 18).

Not a surprise, but who eats the remaining $648,000? The city? Call me crazy, but in this huge financial gap that we're facing, I would imagine there is some other part of the city in which this money could've been better used than on Molano and what he dreams as “worth the money.”

I'd be completely surprised, except this is exactly what he did in his failed attempts in 2007, in which his antics again cost the city money upon his failed lawsuit. I think Councilman Ara Najarian hit the nail on the head when he said it was a complete and total waste of time and of city resources, especially when they are in tight supply.

Thanks again, Molano, for another job well done! I'm looking forward to seeing what other positive impact you have in store for our city budget.



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