Driving penalties are too soft

Needless to say, the vehicle code in our state needs a major overhaul.

Penalties for speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence and many other moving violations are way too lenient. Penalties, especially moving violations, should start at $500, and the driver must attend a driving education class, no exceptions. For each subsequent abuse the penalty should double. After three moving violations their license should be revoked and their vehicle confiscated for one year. If they are cited for reckless driving their vehicle should be impounded immediately.

All moving violations should be reported to the insurance company even if they attended driving education. With an increase in premiums and a stiff penalty I'm certain it would make them think twice when they are behind the steering wheel.


La Crescenta


Rent control is an impossible dream

Regarding Rita Yanoukian's letter (“Renters must get together,” May 15), it sounds good if you do not think it through. It is just one more bit of socialistic stupidity that is plaguing our country.

For rent control to work, which is impossible, the government would have to freeze all taxes, including sales tax; all insurance companies would have to promise not to increase insurance costs; and all plumbers, carpenters, roofers, cement contractors and other building maintenance people would have to agree not to increase their rates. The same restrictions would also have to apply to Glendale Water & Power. Then and only then could the foolishness of rent control possibly work.

To be fair to all, the tenants would also have to agree to accept no pay increases or other remunerations. That way we would have perfect balance, which is of course impossible. We need to go back to more freedom and less government and the principles set forth in our constitution that makes America great.




Enforce fines for dog feces left

The letter by Coy Reyes (“Dog owners should clean up pets' mess,” May 14) was right on! Not only should they clean up after their pets, but it is required by city ordinance!

The regulation reads: Dog defecation must be immediately removed from both public and private property by the person in possession of the dog.

Violation of the above ordinance brings an $11 fine. If the Glendale Police Department would enforce this law, it would bring additional revenue into the city, and also give Glendale a cleaner, healthier place to live.





Reciprocate life saving: Learn CPR

Naomi Berry asked, “How do we ever thank Dr. Terry Webber enough for saving a loved one's life with CPR (“Dentist saved daughter-in-law,” May 15)?”

I would like to suggest they recommend CPR training to everyone they know. The silver lining in what must have been a terrifying experience is that it happened in the presence of someone who knew and was able to perform CPR.

The reality is that less than 1% of the population is trained in CPR. Verdugo Hills Hospital is an American Heart Training Center and trains an average of 850 students a year in this skill. Please consider becoming CPR trained. You may, like Webber, be the one to save a life.



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