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Many of us who have experienced the terrifying fires that have plagued, and continue to rage, in the foothills will now have a better understanding and appreciation of the tremendous job our firefighters do to save lives and property (“Blaze is 22% contained,” Sept. 2).

Having spent an evening in a fire station with a relative, I can attest to the bare accommodations. These folks give up the comfort of their homes, away from family for three to five days at a time in order to be ready to assist in fires, accidents and other emergencies.

I think we should all show our gratitude to our firefighters and their support staff by stopping by a station in a few weeks when they are less busy and thank them by offering to supply them food or cold drinks for the meals that they cook while on duty. Most of them are good cooks too!

Another idea would be to have a local Firefighter Day and to have neighborhood cook-outs inviting them as honored guests.


Whatever we do, we should let these men and women know that they are appreciated.

P.S. Let’s not underestimate the great job the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department did in this crisis.

 KENNETH A. KNEALE SR. is a La Crescenta resident.