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Poll results: Five local business districts could get one-time $37,500 stimulus from the city to support holiday marketing campaigns. Do businesses deserve the boost?

(1) Yes. In this current economic climate you have to spend money to improve business. (15 votes,  42%)

(2) No. Shops should take care of holiday business on their own; city money should be used elsewhere. (40 votes, 65%)

(3) Maybe. A boost would be good, but let’s do a smaller amount of money. (7 votes, 11%)

Current poll: Hard drugs like Ecstasy and heroin are allegedly proliferating at some campuses for the first time. Are officials doing a good job keeping drugs out of schools?

Yes, between drug-prevention programs, tip lines and random searches, officials are doing an excellent job. Drugs have become more prevalent all around.

No. More money and resources should be dedicated to drug prevention, even when budgets are being cut.

Maybe. While educators are doing well at certain grade levels, we need to start while students are younger.

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