MAILBAG: Two little words are all you need

In response to the “In Theory” article about school prayer: It’s so wrong, on many levels. First of all, prayer in itself doesn’t make any sense because there has to be somebody on the other line to hear your thoughts. We cannot assume without some kind of proof that God is listening to you.

You Christians cannot state things about God without any proof. For your information, faith is not the truth. You only hope that it is the truth.

Kids are in school to learn, to get a better knowledge, socialize with other kids, and grow up to be a productive member of society. We tell kids not to lie and to be honest and law abiding. But instead we tell them about our spiritual backgrounds and that you should be holy too.

If a kid asked his parents, “Where is this God; why can’t I speak to him?” they probably would say, “Child, he went away, but he will return to judge the living and the dead.” My answer would be, “I don’t know.”

Robert Morrison wrote a letter (“Depressing state of the American mind,” Sept. 25) with a negative view of some of his fellow Americans.

Morrison is fighting depression because President Obama has people questioning his plans. He feels that racism and the fear of socialism could be the cause for inquiries. Morrison can’t fathom why anyone would question our president’s plans.

Morrison has inspired me to look for one of my old bumper stickers. It has two words on it, and some governments don’t like these words.

These two words are often associated with Democrats but are constantly used by Republicans also. It is part of the checks and balances that prohibit any one group to gain absolute power. Activists, leaders and free-thinking Americans truly believe in these two words.

I think Morrison may find a cure for his depression and go into remission from his negative views of our fellow Americans. He may come to realize that a healthy society is one unafraid to use these two words.

My prescription for him is to buy this bumper sticker, say these two words daily so he can escape his myopic world. The words read, “Question Authority.”


La Crescenta

Concrete is taking the beauty away

Last Sunday evening, I watched Ken Burns’ “National Parks” documentary in renewed awe at the magnificent beauty of our country and the exceptional men who help protect it.

Just a few weeks ago, my family and I spent days inspired by the Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls in Oregon. The drive toward Crescent City at the northern tip of California through the redwood forests filled our senses with inspiration.

The drive south through the forests hugging the coastline must be driven by every California resident as a reminder of the unique natural gifts that have been protected for our enjoyment.

Ken Burns’ delicate and steady depiction of John Muir must be watched by every Glendale student, especially those at John Muir Elementary.

His steadfast struggle to preserve God’s bounty against nearsighted commercial interests is a reminder to us all that the greed of many men would trample even unique natural wonders for the sake of a dollar.

It is with that longing that I now watch 1 1/2 acres of prime downtown parkland that could have been preserved for all residents as green space succumb to the bulldozer to make way for driveways, parking spaces and a building monstrosity plopped in the middle.

Every yard of concrete, and every nail that is driven through plywood and beams to provide a room for a pool table here, a kitchen there or a lobby somewhere reaffirms my belief that myopic men in bed with developers made that travesty possible.

How easily we could have accommodated the Adult Recreation Center adjacent to the park on land already owned by the city, the area now being promoted as a neon museum on Brand Boulevard.

How quickly we learn the true nature of the men who run for local political office. How sad to find that the transparency I’ve clamored for has instead displayed a side of council members not readily visible to the occasional City Council visitor.

Watch the Ken Burns documentary, then try to be inspired by the construction taking place in the middle of Glendale’s Central Park. John Muir would be turning in his grave.



Cordons won’t suffer from Joe’s

To all residents who are concerned about the new Trader Joe’s coming to Montrose (“Cordons is best market in area,” Sept. 30), I don’t think Cordons will suffer from this.

I point out that on Glendale Avenue between the Ventura (134) Freeway and Broadway, a distance of five blocks, there are four markets: Vons, Whole Foods, Ralphs and Trader Joe’s.

Also north of the 134 Freeway there is another Ralphs. None of these markets seem to be suffering from competition.

I think Montrose can support the new and hopefully improved Vons, Cordons and Trader Joe’s.



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