Local residents were out at Glenoaks and Central, in front of the Armenian Consulate doing a hunger strike against the Protocols. The reporter said that they were chained together in solidarity and that would probably make a nice photo.

I headed out there one day after they started their hunger strike, but they were not chained to one another. I was informed that they chain themselves about every two hours, so I decided to return when the dramatic chaining would be going on.

Waiting this time paid off with this dramatic photo of about 30 people sitting on the sidewalk, with red tape over their mouths and chained together. Getting low, I took the photo with the wide-angle lens set at 16 mm and f5.0 to maximize the view and depth of field. This is the photo that came out.

So sometimes, it is not the early bird who gets the worm but rather the patient one who gets the shot.

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