No playing dead for 'Crone'

Evelyn Robison, 83, lives at Windsor Manor in Glendale, where she takes a leadership role in making decisions from entertainment to financial support of the residence.

Robison is a retired registered nurse, having worked in that career for more than 50 years. She is involved in more than five different committees at the Windsor Manor.

Doug Edwards, the director of philanthropy at Windsor Manor, summed her up in three words: wise, insightful and humble.


YULIYA GRINBERG: Can you tell me about the committees you're currently involved in?

EVELYN ROBISON: I'm involved in numerous committees. The first one is called Residents Assn. I'm the vice president. We make decisions on what is going on in Windsor Manor. The second one is called Scholarship Committee. It's for funds for employees of the manor. It's to help them go to school. The third one is Program Planners. We plan entertainment for the manor. We pick out the music groups to invite to come here. Another committee is the Safety Committee. We handle emergency drills. I'm also involved in the Gifted Funds Raising Committee. It's a foundation to help people who might run out of money. We help build new facilities. Outside of Windsor Manor, I'm also a part of the Angels City Crones. It's for wise older women. There are 12 of us. We honor wisdom of older women and of each other.


Q: Why are you involved in so many committees?

A: I like to feel like I make a contribution. I enjoy being involved in different things. I like having a purpose in life. Basically making a difference is my biggest goal. I want to help make the world a better place.


Q: What are some of the best moments in your life?

A: Having children, of course. And grandchildren. But also, at age 63, I learned how to dance for the first time. I became involved in a therapeutical dancing class.


Q: What are some of the things that you regret in your life?

A: I mostly regret being too harsh with my children, sometimes. I was a bit short-tempered with them. I was strict and disciplined.


Q: What is your philosophy in life?

A: I don't want to play dead before I'm gone.


Q: What are some of the cultural changes that you've noticed over the years?

A: I've noticed a lack of integrity in human beings. It used to be that a man's word meant honor. Now, there seems to be a lack of a value system. People tend to be dishonest. And as long as they can get away with things, they tend to lie more often.

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