Notable Quotables

“We want to get every dime we can get, but we are going to be cautious about these particular dimes.”

— Glendale Unified School District Board of Education President Mary Boger on $350 million to $700 million California could earn under a Department of Education competitive grant program that school boards say have strings attached.


“If we have a student coughing in the office and he can't stop coughing, I can see us possibly asking them if they would wear it.”

— Dick Sheehan, Glendale Unified School District deputy superintendent, on thousands of masks and gloves the district received for disease preparedness.


“What we wanted them to do is not what they are doing.”

— Homeowner Daniel De Leon claiming he paid for loan litigation services with Los Angeles-based Bander Law Firm and never saw any legal action taken in his case.


“Everything worked well. It did exactly what it was designed to do.”

— Bob Spencer, Los Angeles County Public Works spokesman, of measures taken to ensure no major debris flows and mudslides destroyed foothill communities.


“If we are supposed to be working with them to set priorities and goals, I would have thought they would have made it a point to actually contact me.”

— Councilwoman Laura Friedman on the lack of interaction with the city's former lobbyist.


“I may just be asking that we toss this and go back to what it is the council asked for rather than spending a half-hour showing how terrible this report is and ripping it to shreds.”

— Councilman John Drayman on what he called a flawed city vetting process for two potential lobbying firms to represent Glendale.


“Given that we have seen cuts in the department, we really don't have the money in the department to fund this operation.”

— George Chapjian, director of Glendale's Community Services and Parks Department, on the current ability to operate the planned Pacific Park pool once it is completed.

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