Glendale City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

Smart grid project

The City Council authorized a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to receive $20 million in stimulus funding to help pay for Glendale Water & Power's more than $50 million “smart grid” project.

Approved by the council last summer, the project includes the installation of smart electric meters, which allow for two-way communication with the utility and provide real-time usage data.


The shot of federal funds has allowed the utility to accelerate the project and add additional elements.

Storm drain project

The City Council on Tuesday authorized a $497,416-contract for the construction of a storm drain system on San Fernando Road between Thompson and Western avenues.

The council also approved a 20% contingency of $102,584 as the company's bid was far below the engineer's estimate of $800,000.

The storm drain is meant to prevent flooding, which has happened during recent storms, creating a driving hazard, according to a city report.


Project construction is set to begin in May and last through August.

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