Prank text about shooting at Hoover High nets full police response

A Hoover High School student’s bogus text message about a shooting Thursday sparked a full on police response to the campus.

The student borrowed a friend’s cell phone and sent a text message about a possible shooting at the school to texting-based company KGB USA, which answers questions from subscribers, police said.

When the Los Angeles-based company got the text message, it notified the Los Angeles Police Department who tracked the cell phone to Glendale, police said.
Glendale police officers were then notified of the text, which was tracked to a student at Hoover, police said.

Officers arrived at the school to talk to the cell phone owner, who told them he lent it to his friend, who later confessed to the message as a joke. Police made sure the student wasn’t armed with weapons and determined it was a prank.

The student was released to his parents.

Police said they will be investigating the incident and may present possible charges to the juvenile division of the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.



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