Mailbag: Not enough Stars and Stripes flown

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Memorial Day honors those who gave their lives for this country. But in driving four miles through Glendale there were only three Stars and Stripes flying from the houses — yes, just three!

This is a poor display on such a day. So where were the flags? Maybe you could remind people that June 14 is Flag Day, and that July 4 is Independence Day, so they have time to go to the store and buy a 3-by-5-foot flag to be flown on these two days.

All the action on such a day should not be limited to the TV.



Teachers union made poor choice Much has been spoken lately about the candlelight vigil staged by the Glendale Teachers Assn. in front of Glendale Unified school board President Greg Krikorian's home.

The Glendale News-Press article ("Protest gets personal," May 27) indicated that a group of 50 or so participated in the vigil. The May 29 editorial, "Union strategy tough to endorse," was more descriptive in their commentary of the antics of the Glendale teachers union and a pointed remark about their postured method of bargaining.

It appears that the leadership of the teachers union is and has been for the past few years somewhat of an embarrassment to our community with their public demonstrations, their press releases, and now this latest episode of overt intimidation of a school board representative, elected, at large, by the citizens of Glendale to serve and represent Glendale, not the teachers union, in such a way as to benefit the city's school-age children.

It was especially disappointing to view the picture of the father and child in the News-Press actively engaged in the "vigil." What kind of impression does this child take away from this demonstration? Is it one of solving problems and achieving "my way" by demonstrating in front of my opponent's home? Or is it a very real and subtle message exhibited by the nearby adults that, this is problem-solving at its worst.

What was the reaction of the Krikorian children to this kind of harassment? I would think it would be the opposite of the little girl pictured. It is obvious that this was no place for children.

Since when is a visible attempt to intimidate, to coerce and to harass called a vigil — candle-lit or not? When do the able teachers in our community begin to assert themselves and choose leadership that not only they, but the entire community can take pride in?

And when will the leadership bring to the table solutions that are in keeping with the reality of the times, as opposed to exercising their rights in such a misguided manner as the candlelight vigil?

This latest posturing of the union leadership does nothing to resolve the impasse that exists between the school board and the union; it only exacerbates it to a far greater extent, and visibly demonstrates the lack of understanding of where the real problems lie.

Aren't the leaders of the Glendale Teachers Assn. aware of the fact that since 1978 the funds for school finances are distributed from Sacramento?

That much of this state's fiscal dilemma is directly a result of mismanagement in our state capitol? All of California's occupants are affected by the mess in Sacramento and will be as long as we continue to elect representatives who do not represent the general population, but who only serve their very discreet and selected constituencies. We, as well as the teachers, should be very selective in whom we elect to represent us at all levels.

Voting is not only a right, but also a profound responsibility.

That is why one must be of age to exercise that right and make doubly sure that we elect "problem solvers" as contrasted to the "problem makers" we are presently saddled with.

I would hope the majority of Glendale teachers would see through the awkwardness of the position they have been put in, and demand more astute and capable leadership than those who now represent them. It could well benefit, to a much greater extent, the children that both the school board and the teachers are dedicated to serve.



Editor's note: Raggio is former mayor of Glendale and president of the Glendale Unified school board.

Teacher protest crosses a line A candlelight vigil at the home of Greg Krikorian is offensive and inappropriate ("Protest gets personal," May 27).

I am an active parent at my child's school.

None of us want teacher layoffs and increases in class size. This is not, however, the way to work cooperatively toward the best solution for our district.

In my opinion, this behavior crosses a line.



Editor's note: Kerlin is president of the Glenoaks Elementary School Foundation.

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