Mailbag: Rail link would be better than tunnel

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To put $6 million into a feasible study to build a gap closure for the Long Beach (710) Freeway is a waste of our money ("710 plans inch along," May 28). Last year, newspapers reported that the state would not approve a tunnel for 710.

Our Glendale City Council argued that a rail addition from the harbor would keep the large trucks off our freeways and stop many accidents, so the freeways need not be enlarged. The cost of rails would be millions less than adding a 710 Freeway addition, by tunnel or over land.

Almost daily, some trucks with bad brakes are causing accidents. Local officials should work a little harder to stop the proposed 710 Freeway extension that would not be needed with the correct rail system. Excavated rock and dirt from the tunnel path would put a lot of dump trucks using narrow streets — not good for the traffic we now have.



Newlyweds' day not happy for businesses Here's a definition of chutzpah suggested by the wedding on Honolulu Avenue ("Wedding in the park," May 31) this last Saturday: Shut down Honolulu for your private wedding party on a few days' notice on a Saturday for most of the day and spin it as an event to promote the Montrose Shopping Park.

The happy couple did admit that shutting down Honolulu was the most economical plan for them, if not nevermind the merchants deprived of customers on a high-volume day. But then, perhaps the couple, or the city of Glendale, will pay compensation for their loss.

Oh, wait, it was a promotion, so the forced loss of business was a good thing. Isn't spin wonderful?


La Crescenta

Swimming ideal for summer exercise Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. The touch of warm sunshine, calm ocean and fresh breeze bring diversion and happiness to all of us.

And what is better than sunshine? It would have to be swimming! Being able to be in the sun while staying cool in the water is a blessing in its own. The swimming pools have not only jobs for teenage kids who wants to save lives, but opportunities for children and parents to have an enjoyable day out in the summer with their family.

When you are swimming, you are using almost all your major muscles, which place a strong impact on your heart and lungs. Your heart starts pumping much faster, which carries much more oxygenated blood through the arteries to your body and skin.



Editor's note: Mekerdichian is an instructor at the Glendale YMCA.

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