Mailbag: Americans should show more pride

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What is wrong with Americans? Most are unhappy with the way our country is going, but they do nothing.

On Memorial Day, I was driving on one of Glendale's streets and I saw only three flags displayed in three or so miles. Then today, the paper tells me that less than 20% of registered voters voted in Tuesday's primary election!

I had my flag displayed the entire Memorial Day weekend, and I was the first at my polling place to vote.

I want change instead of warmed-over incumbents, but I can't do it alone.



Paper's story on principal was fair All this hoopla over the reporting of Cynthia Livingston's appointment to principal and the possible nexus with her relationship with the superintendent of the school district is silly ("Rosemont is getting a great principal," June 14).

If the paper hadn't reported it, people would be accusing it of ignoring an obvious angle. I for one am glad to know, even though my kids graduated long ago and even if there supposedly wasn't any quid pro quo.

I have no stake in the story, but I am an avid reader of the Glendale News-Press. All these people writing in, who obviously have a biased opinion and/or relationship with Livingston, clearly have no idea what news is.



Applause for principal coverage As an employee of the Glendale Unified School District, I have witnessed first-hand the control and power Supt. Michael Escalante has had over the local school board during his tenure.

With this power comes perks, such as a hefty pay increase over the last six years. Also with this power comes the responsibility of placing administrators at sites within the district. Many times I have been invited to be a participant on interview panels as administration positions have become vacant. Often it is clear that the decision has already been made, and that the interview is nothing more than a formality.

The Glendale News-Press did a great job reporting the appointment of the new Rosemont Middle School Principal Cynthia Livingston ("Rosemont is getting a great principal," June 14). The article touched upon points that are very pertinent in the placement of administrators here in Glendale Unified.

The fact that Livingston is the girlfriend of the current superintendent is both relevant and worthy of investigation.

I myself have never served under Livingston, but when I worked as president of the Glendale Teachers Assn. there were many teachers who liked her and many who did not. I am not able to give a fair opinion of her ability. The issues I am bringing to light have nothing to do with Livingston, but with the process itself — as the News-Press rightly brought to the attention of our community.

What is an issue is that her appointment is clouded due to both the relationship with Escalante and with the fact that she is nearing the end of her career. That means that she will use this position for a few years to be able to retire with a higher salary. These issues are concerns.

That the News-Press had the courage to report these issues, especially in the light that Glendale Unified apparently had all of their cronies come down on the newspaper itself, is commendable. I applaud the News-Press on this matter. I hope that it continues to report relevant information like this and expose the tyranny that has occurred within our school district.

Finally, I would add that I have hope that our new superintendent will have far more integrity than what we have experienced in recent years.



Editor's note: Freemon in past president of the Glendale Teachers Assn.

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