Donations Phil the void

Glendale News Press

As a no-kill shelter, the Glendale Humane Society has occupied that soft spot in the animal welfare world — a third chance for dogs and cats that likely would have been euthanized at other overcrowded facilities.

It's a smaller shelter than most, but what it lacks in size it has made up for in heart and unfailing care. Pets are handed over to anyone who will take them. Prospective parents go through an involved application and evaluation process to ensure that it will be the last transfer these helpless animals undergo.

Until recently, homeless dogs had to make do with concrete and chain-link fence holding pins. But through the generosity of others — most notably Phil McGraw, the host of "Dr. Phil" — $40,000 was raised to make pup purgatory a little more manageable. The dogs now have an in-house play oasis. Gone is hot asphalt in favor of decomposed granite, grass, a dog-sized pool, a shade area and trees.

At a time when local governments can hardly afford what they have on their own plates, it's good to know that private enterprise remains willing and able to fill in the void.

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