Mailbag: Teach about water conservation

I am writing regarding the June 22 article "Water officials: Be stingy."

With the temperatures rising in summer, conservation of water has been a main concern of city officials. This summer, Glendale Water & Power is trying to continue to save water, even though this winter we had so much rain. I suppose the water only restored what we lost.

The efforts to limit water irrigation to specific hours of the day, during certain days of the week seem prudent.

I myself have a plan of teaching children about conservation of water and its values because I think this problem is one that will last into the future. Maybe having classes more often would be helpful for adults who want to be more concretive about using less water. Utility plans to provide residents with information brochures about conservation of water should be maintained.

Edvard Mehrabian



In response to the June 24 letter titled "Shopping center a good fit on Foothill," I do not agree that La Crescenta should ever become a hot spot shopping destination.

We do not want Foothill Boulevard to be compared to or become San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank, Brand Boulevard or the Americana at Brand in Glendale. La Crescenta is not Glendale or Burbank; it is a small town family neighborhood, and we want to keep it that way.

We definitely do not want La Crescenta to be a night life destination.

Amelia DiPasquale

La Crescenta


I doubt many of us moved to the Crescenta Valley in hopes it would become a "hot spot" similar to San Fernando Road in Burbank, or Brand Boulevard and the Americana' in Glendale ("Shopping center a good fit on Foothill," June 24).

Most of us enjoy the foothills communities for the beauty of our mountains and the small town feel. If Daniel Ysayan is referring to the project proposed for Foothill Boulevard and Sunset, I am opposed to the plans because of location and scale.

New projects have to be evaluated based on the impact they would have on an area and the people who live, work and travel in that area. The size of the proposed development is inappropriate for that property. Nor does it take into consideration the traffic impact for Sunset, a narrow street that would become all the more treacherous with increased traffic volume.

Ysayan complains that there is a "lack of neighbors who agree with expansion." He is discounting the neighbors who oppose the project, after all, it is their families that will be directly impacted.

Residents of the Crescenta Valley are entitled to protect the quality of life here. If someone wants to enjoy a "hot spot," there are other locales they can visit.

Karen Keehne Zimmerman

La Crescenta

Editor's note: Zimmerman is a member of Volunteers Organized in Conserving the Environment and the Sunland-Tujunga Alliance.

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