Mailbag: Country is lacking patriotism

I come from a generation much different from my children and grandchildren. When my parents were growing up, they were the recipients of the Great Depression, and although there was a sense of hopelessness, their unrelenting respect for America and faith in God instilled by their parents impelled them to overcome.

They understood the meaning of "equality of rights and opportunities in the pursuit of happiness and in service to the common good." It was this virtue that brought their generation through the most difficult of times. They were the recipients of patriotism and gladly celebrated their gratefulness on the Fourth of July.

Contrary to what many believe, America has not changed, only her people have changed, and as a result they have changed America into what they wanted her to be. The preambles of America in the eyes of today's generation is deplorable. They know little about America's history, and I'm sad to say some know nothing.

The challenges of unemployment, immigration and threats of terrorism are insurmountable. However, there is hope for America and her people, for she still holds within her bosom all the virtues that made her great. We just need to embrace them once again.

As for me, I shall tell the story to my grandchildren (as I have told my children) about their grandparents' patriotism for America; and amid this year's Fourth of July celebration of fireworks display, I think that I shall ring a bell for liberty in honor of Independence Day.

Patricia Massie

Oak Hills

People need to do their research

I am responding to the article by Walter Hunt of Glendale ("Tongue-in-cheek take on Arizona law," June 24). Has he or anyone else read the Arizona immigration law?

I don't get people. Don't they research or investigate for themselves instead of listening to politicians and liberal news? It's like "leading sheep to slaughter."

We are so apathetic.

Janet Langley

La Crescenta

Not feeling safe in Glendale

I was terrified after reading the June 22 story article, "Gas station owner robbed."

With this economic climate, I am expecting to hear about more shoplifters or burglars around the city, and knowing about robbers in public places and especially with weapons scares me.

I myself, as a Glendale resident, don't feel secure enough to go out and spend time with my family in a restaurant or any other place. Police should provide residents with some information about how to react with people who carry weapons to be able to defend and protect themselves.

Edvard Mehrabian


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