Mailbag: More residents ought to ride bicycles

Today, it seems as if bicyclists are forced to either ride on the sidewalk, pushing pedestrians away, or to merge onto the street, getting in the way of drivers. Bicyclists should have lanes made especially for them on every street.

Our city needs more citizens riding bicycles because it helps prevent pollution and obesity. Trying to create a safer environment, the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition and the city of Glendale are asking citizens to take a 34-question survey, and everyone should get involved.

Lucine Agazaryan


Bridge bodes well for south Glendale

It was great to see the Glendale News-Press editorial on Saturday bring to public attention the denigrated park space for south Glendale ("L.A. River overdue for an overhaul," July 7).

Hopefully, in time, the bridge could bring new life for south Glendale. Too bad south Glendale has no representative on council, like Councilman John Drayman for Montrose, pushing to have the proposed bridge in their backyard.

The bridge could bring new excitement and perhaps stimulate some needed commerce for the area.

Mike Mohill


Not happy with Toll leadership

I am writing to respond to the June 22 article "Teacher sues Glendale Unified" and to the letter by Connie Hanson, retired Toll teacher ("Toll teacher should not have been fired," June 29).

I was at the luncheon when Teacher of the Year and Classified Person of the Year awards were given out. Jennifer Pakradouni was voted by many teachers for this award, yet she was not given this award by the principal or the administration. Pakradouni was ignored by most of the administrators at this event, before and after she received her award. The principal and assistant principals did not even congratulate her. Is that the "appropriate conduct and professional behavior" we are supposed to expect from our administrators?

As a parent of students who attended Toll for the last two years, I have heard from many parents that they have had problems with the principal's administration and style of discipline. In fact, I filed a complaint against her with the district during the last school year.

Many of the other parents are afraid to say something against the principal because they are afraid to put a target on their children. It is time for a change at Toll. We don't want to see our wonderful teachers choosing to leave the school because of what is going on.

Janet Siraki


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