Mailbag: Don't remove love for Michael Jackson

I am writing regarding the July 14 article "Michael Jackson's resting place defaced."

I disagree with removing the fans' messages that are written on outside walls of Michael Jackson's mausoleum. I am surprised that Forest Lawn officials consider it vandalism. How can they consider these messages defacement, when fans try to give Michael Jackson their true love, and express themselves to him in a way that they could never get the chance to when Michael was still alive?

Some words written with a black marker on a wall should not be considered vandalism. Jackson's mausoleum differs from all other crypts just by his fan's messages.

Cleaning those words is cleaning Jackson from people's memories. It is cleaning Jackson's value from history. The more words and thoughts written on those walls, the better they show Jackson's popularity.

Do not make those words disappear, and let the fans appreciate Michael with the only way that is left for them.

Linet Malekian



These In Theorists don't sound Christian


If you happen to be a Christian like me, then it is possible that we share a common feeling every Saturday after reading In Theory.

Seeing un-Christian massages coming from some church leaders feels like eating a slice of pizza topped with double jalapenos — it burns you for sure. Just take a look at the July 10 Glendale News-Press and read the Faith page, "In Theory: Same-sex couples," and as parents you can't figure out how in the world Paige Eaves, Richard Albarano, Amy Pringle and "Skip" Lindeman have received the title "Reverend."

I wonder how many pages in their Bibles are missing? A 14-year-old would understand easily what God has said about these issues by reading the Bible one time, yet very sadly our reverends try hard every week to tell us that they know better than the Bible — that apparently we shouldn't trust every word of the Bible, or that we can trust as much as it is not offensive to others.

This is not Christianity at all. I hope my words are not offensive. But each one of us should evaluate ourselves and make sure what we really believe.

Martik Abramian



Orchestra dazzles at the Americana


Glendale is a great place to live, play and eat. The Glendale Renaissance Orchestra was excellent at the Americana at Brand ("Concert Review: A classical beat," July 7).

This was my second concert, and all I can say is what a great setting on the green. It was well worth the time I spent delivering signs that said "Yes on A,B,C: to the community in Glendale and the long nights at City Council to get Americana dream to come true."

Rick Lemmo, you did a great job with Barry McComb and Elissa Glickman. Thank you!

Another great event is "ART from the ashes" ("Risen from the ashes," June 16).

Please continue with the positive work for all the guests and people of Glendale to enjoy.

Jim Canfield


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