Mailbag: Sensitive information should be shredded

Regarding the July 21 letter "Paper shredder is a worthy investment," for once I agree with Francis Adams!

The only way to get these thieves out of our neighborhood is to stop giving them information to steal.

Kurt Sawitskas


Former police chief feeling Bell's wrath

When Jason Wells' 2009 report on then-Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams pending "retirement" was published, who would have ever thought that just a year later he would be among the city of Bell officials who are currently experiencing the wrath of residents there over their astonishingly, outrageously high salaries?

Well, hey now folks, didn't you know that Bell is the home of Debs Park — a unique place that's just chock full of state-of-the-art, easy on the joints, outdoor exercisers? For example, there are several types of elliptical machines on display there, one of which is very much like the super popular one that's constantly in use in Pasadena's Brookside Park.

The only trouble is, that whole dang park was locked up tight when I arrived mid-day/mid-week last month after driving all the way from Los Feliz to check it out. Such would-be exercisers like me can now have a pretty good idea of where the evident lack of funding to keep this touted Bell park open longer must be going!

Harvey Pearson

Los Feliz

Shame on Bank of America

What is needed here in this city if a "Hall of Shame." There are so many things this city has created, but that turns out to be shameful and disgraceful.

One of the first things that will and should be entered into the new Hall of Shame is the Bank of America's decision on San Fernando Road to not fly the American Flag.

Now if this isn't a disgrace, please tell me what is.

The second disgrace is the decision to stop celebrating our "Days of the Verdugos." This celebration has been with our city way back to when Glendale was create — to have that celebration taken away from the citizens and outlying areas that all used to contribute their time and effort is a shame.

No. 3 would be the Olympic torch and those that didn't want to take time to carry and display it through the city of Glendale. What a shame.

If you know of anymore shameful and disgraceful things, you can let the Glendale News-Press know. Please keep those about politicians a secret, for now.

David Bryce


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