Mailbag: Our loss is Pasadena's gain

I attended what was a sad event for me in Pasadena on July 20. It was the "groundbreaking" for the new A Noise Within theater there.

What good fortune for Pasadena and its neighboring communities to proudly have, in about a year, an extraordinary repertory theater that consistently produces outstanding and entertaining "classics." The support for the theater by the Pasadena mayor, City Council and many other members of the Pasadena community was abundantly evident throughout the groundbreaking ceremony.

My wife and I have subscribed to and been entertained by A Noise Within for well over 10 years and are therefore very sad to see it move away from Glendale ("Chapter two of a noisy journey," July 21) where it has been nurtured from its start nearly 20 years ago. Yet we are happy for the theater to finally have the opportunity to perform in an adequate venue — both for the performers and the audience — and have the facilities to continue its high level of outreach to young people.

We are, however, deeply disappointed that the Glendale city administration and other leaders in the community did not summon up sufficient foresight, cultural interest and resolve to retain this exceptional theater in Glendale.

It is a serious loss to the cultural status of the city.

Robert Morrison


Dishwasher done in by hard water

I recently bought a new top-of-the-line dishwasher at Sears and was upset when my dishes, utensils, pots and pans were covered with a white film. I tried hand washing and vinegar to remove the stains, but to no avail. Sears kindly sent a repairman, a very kind and knowledgeable man named Arthur. I was impressed that the repair crew manager, Vaughn, showed up for the house call.

They both sympathized with my plight and advised me that this is an ongoing problem in Glendale. Turns out, the Jewel City gets our tap water from a metropolitan source, and the extremely hard water is causing all sorts of problems. I then called the city of Glendale's water department, where an official confirmed what Arthur told me and said that the water source would not be changed in the near future.

Short of buying an expensive water softener, Arthur gave me great advice, and I just had to pass it on to neighbors who are dealing with this problem. The product Lemi Shine is the answer. Not to sound like a commercial, but my dishes are like new again, and, more importantly, the dishwasher will not be irreparably damaged from the calcium and hard water deposits.

Too bad I can't get back my old dishwasher back —turns out it wasn't broken. The three repairmen for my previous machine (not from Sears) never bothered to test the water for the cause of the film and told me it was the machine.

Mary Murphy


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