Mailbag: Thanks for the positive immigration story

Amid the recent controversy caused by Arizona's immigration law, it is nice to come across Melanie Hicken's July 16 article, "Americans at last," and read a story with positive connections to immigration.

While I am staunchly against provisions of Arizona 's law that permit race and color as discerning factors for detaining potential illegal immigrants, I do agree with its intent: the prevention of unlawful entry into the U.S.

It is great, therefore, to hear that more than 100,000 people lawfully became citizens in California last year. Hearing this statistic, as well as the personal accounts of newly naturalized citizens, such as Edgar Torosyan and Irvins Gourgue, remind us that many immigrants do assume the proper measures to become legal residents. Moreover, in Gourgue's case, as a six-year U.S. Navy man, they also aid in advancing our nation's success.

Being bombarded by negative reports about illegal immigration, I am grateful when positive articles, like this one, emerge. They stress the reality that not all immigrants try to evade our legal system, while attempting to make, as Torosyan says, their American "dream[s] come true."

Dolly M. Resendez-Kase


Inside the 'Home Electricity Report'

The cat and I just opened the "Home Electricity Report" for April 17 to June 16 from the city. It stated we are among the "ugly" users of electricity in Glendale. We are 116% above the "good," efficient neighbors and 9% above "bad" neighbors.

Read the letter and you find out that "your neighbors" are about 100% occupied in nearby homes within .07 miles away. I have efficient neighbors who have no air conditioning. They should be rejected from the sampling.

I have efficient neighbors who travel four months of the year. More rejection. Enough said.

Everybody has efficient appliances. Few have extra refrigerators in the garage, most have a number of gas appliances, fans of all sorts, high thermostat in the summer, low thermostat in the winter, and still we're reckless homeowners. I don't think so.

The cat and I can't wait to get my next electricity report after the recent heat wave.

Phronie Sanders


Whitman billboard loses one voter

A billboard on Foothill Boulevard in Tujunga is probably one of many such billboards statewide. It displays a quote by Meg Whitman, expressing her opposition to Proposition 187 and Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law.

The quote is in Spanish.

Meg, you just lost my vote.

Steve Thompson

La Crescenta

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