Airport could use some pep

Let's face it. Despite all the ease and convenience of Bob Hope Airport, it could use some invigorating. And now, with plans to create a high-speed rail up the length of California, the air travel hub will definitely have to step up its game.

Over the years, redevelopment has been slowly but surely cropping up around its borders, but Bob Hope Airport has remained steadfastly drab. Just because it has to remain small — and efforts to expand air operations would no doubt invite rage from noise-wary residents — doesn't mean it has to fall into faded oblivion.

That's where the planned $120-million transit hub, which will consolidate rail, rental car and bus travel services under one roof, plays a major role in a much-needed makeover. It shouldn't be the end all, but it's certainly a good start. It took a major step forward this week after the Burbank City Council blessed the overall concept.

Hopefully, once this project is completed and a reorganization of airport operations is complete, it will free up the room and space for a badly needed overhaul of the terminals.

Think compact sports car, not Pinto, and consider how many more passengers would gladly pay the premium to ride the former.

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