Mailbag: Summer is about to begin for parents

Even if you didn't already know, reading Sharon Raghavachary's latest "I'm Just Sayin'" column titled "Endless summers don't make sense" would leave no doubt: She's a mom.

How many of you under 15 are just pining for summer to end? How many of you can still remember the panic of back-to-school shopping? Can you still feel what it's like hanging out at 10 p.m.? Do you know the way to Huntington Beach or where to catch the beach bus? Who ever had a fall romance?

Go ahead Scrooge Sharon, try to say your kids really want to go back to school. We all know who you are by which side of the back-to-school question you come down on.

So, Sharon, put your shades back on. Double up on the sunscreen. Push the sweaters back. Pull the baggies and flip flops up front. Think floaties. Eat barbecue. It's an endless summer. Surf's up everyone.

But what do I know?

"Tiny" Tim Jagoe

La Crescenta

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