GCC clamps down on campus smoking

A policy that advocates said will push second-hand smoke away from essential meeting places at Glendale Community College was approved Monday by the Board of Trustees.

While Glendale already has one of the most restrictive public outdoor smoking policies in the Southland, the college is excempt from the city ordinance.

College rules had prohibited smoking in any area with a "No Smoking" sign. The new policy creates designated smoking areas in places like parking lots. Advocates said it was a compromise between smoking students and those who wanted to limit their exposure to second-hand smoke.

Banning smoking entirely could be college policy, but student government determines those priorities, which vary year-to-year, officials said.

The board voted unanimously, but college Trustee Armine Hacopian said she worried it would be difficult to enforce.

College officials said they are still developing regulations that would assign police cadets or other staff with authority to police smoking areas.

The new policy is scheduled to take effect this fall.

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