Mailbag: Pastors are merely following the Bible

Both Pastor Bryan Griem and Pastor Jon Barta were asked their opinion on the upholding of Proposition 8 and both answered from the Bible perspective ("In Theory: Reactions to Prop. 8 court ruling," Aug.14).

As a Christian, both the Old and New Testaments guide my life and those of my children (all adults) and grandchildren. My Bible says sin is sin. Saying it isn't a sin, doesn't make it so.

Griem is a caring, compassionate man who teaches his flock the truths of the Bible. He does not interject his wife's opinions, nor his pianist's, nor the widow in the back pew. He does not teach "hatred" as Christ did not teach hatred. We do not condemn, nor judge sinners. That's not our job.

We only teach what Christ taught: Enlightenment, forgiveness and love. "Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it." (Luke 11:28)

I truly pray that you are a Christian and ready to follow Christ in all things regardless of pressure from the masses.

Ruth McLellan


One of the many reasons this country is great is because we as Americans can express our views freely without the fear of government persecution. In my opinion, Brian Brookey is way off base with his "rant" on Bryan Griem's column ("Griem's ignorance belongs in the closet," Aug. 19).

Why is it when someone disagrees or does not share the same views as maybe a group or certain political party they are labeled the following "negative terms": Hhatemonger, bigot, racist, ignorant, joke, sellout, Uncle Tom, or dare I say, Republican?

Brookey is of course entitled to what he believes in because he knows that he is protected under the 1st Amendment to responsibly state his opinion in America. Griem also understands the same tenet, but what puzzles me is the vitriol that is spewed when someone does not agree with another person's position.

I had no choice in picking my racial make-up; my father is black and my mother is Korean, so every day I wake up biracial. Can homosexuality be compared to the "lack of civil rights" that some or most black folks may have felt over the last 500 years? Is homosexuality a choice or not?

Regardless of what it is, Griem is still entitled to his opinion no matter how Brookey feels about it. But being dismissed as a "hatemonger"? Is that the best we can do as a society? Just to dismiss opposing views with name calling?

As a proud biracial Christian conservative American, I am really concerned on where this great country is headed. I am not professing on being the smartest or even being able to use fancy words, but I know this country was founded on Judeo Christian values that are being attacked with vigorous enthusiasm from all sides.

JC Farrow

La Crescenta

I strongly agree with Barbara Jean Ence's Aug. 16 letter "Veterans deserve top housing priority," in which she says that veterans should get all the help we can give them. They put their lives on the line for us.

If the people already on the list are military veterans, the resolution to change the rules will help them. If they are not veterans, they should defer to help the people who faced death for all of us.

I think this should come to a vote at the Glendale City Council. Let us see who the true Americans are.

Bob Shapiro


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