Mailbag: Boys should pay for damage they caused

It seems to me the boys who set the fire and their parents should be responsible for replacing the equipment ("Fire destroys play area," Aug. 27) — and maybe for providing comparable equipment for another park, too.

Community Services and Parks Director George Chapjian should not be required to find any money in his department's budget. If a lightning strike had started the fire, it would make sense for the expense to fall to the city. In this case, the city should bear no pain because of these boys' deeds.

Eileen A. McClintock


Disagreements don't need to become war

The letter from the Rev. Bryan Griem ("So-called Christians should read manual," Aug. 24) reminds me of the comment "Just because I am paranoid, doesn't mean that people aren't really after me."

Why are you making this into an "Us vs. Them" situation? The Crusades were fought many long years ago, and they weren't pretty. In this country, which runs on the notion of separation of church and state, you are free to practice your religion, and those of us who disagree with you are free to live according to our moral and spiritual code as long as we don't infringe upon the rights of others.

I am somewhat disturbed by your "obligation to champion" and your invitation to Patrick Caneday to "pick up your spiritual armor and join us in the war."

I am not "at war" with you, as long as you do not try to force your beliefs on me and make me live under your, or as you would say, Christ's laws. Isn't that what the Taliban is trying to do?

Nancy Greene


Had enough of reverend's opinions

My morning routine never varies. I plug in the coffee maker, slip a bagel into the toaster and bring in the morning newspaper from my driveway. A perfect, sunny California morning. It doesn't get any better than this.

I can hardly wait to get to the Glendale News-Press, and then I see it. A very long letter signed by the Rev. Bryan Griem ("So-called Christians should read manual," Aug. 24), so filled with brimstone that I can actually smell smoke. My coffee goes cold. The bagel suddenly goes limp. Just another hateful, hurtful, disturbing, homophobic rant from the sinister minister Rev. Bryan Griem of Montrose.

However, this morning I find out I will not be going to heaven. At least not the heaven the good Rev. Griem envisions for himself and his flock. Rest assured dear reverend, I am relieved to hear this news. It would be like sharing my heavenly cloud with the likes of Jerry Fallwell and Anita Bryant.

Your letters grow tiresome, Rev. Griem, like chains around my feet, not to mention the hearts of the millions you find so unworthy.

Perhaps it is time for the Glendale News-Press to reevaluate and reconsider using the commentaries of the Rev. Bryan Griem.

David Gubser


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