Mailbag: Review one restaurant at a time

Regarding the restaurant review by Lisa Dupuy on La Cita ("Dining Out: La Cita still good standby for 37 years," Aug. 21), it doesn't seem very professional to do a review on La Cita and end up praising La Cabanita.

These are two different types of restaurants. La Cabanita serves Mexico City-type dishes and La Cita is more like home style cooking Mexican food.

If she is going to review a restaurant, she should confine her comments to that particular restaurant. Just a thought.

Bill Bennett


Is Glendale so bereft of any culture or other activities to publicize that the only thing we can think of to hang on poles all over town is "No smoking" and "Seat belt your child in their seats" banners?

Do we have to be reminded by these fairly ugly banners of what is and isn't legal within the city limits of Glendale? Why don't we just list all of our laws so we can be known as the city of restrictions.

I travel all over the country and most cities I visit try to project an image that would be a bit more inviting.

Mark Walcoff


Regarding Rep. Adam Schiff's Rim of the Valley study in the Aug. 31 article "Meetings to focus on Rim of the Valley," here he goes again spending more of our taxpayer money.

Studies are not cheap, managing national parks is not cheap. In fact, existing national parks are in dire need of money to upgrade them. We do not need more parks.

One might find it hard to do, but pull up a map that shows this corridor thru the San Rafael and Verdugo mountains and adjacent hillsides. You will be shocked how much land will come under federal control and of course be taken off the tax rolls.

Bob Gregg


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