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Mailbag: Bicyclist appreciates council move

I’m writing to express my thanks to the City Council for the fresh pavement and sharrows on Chevy Chase Drive.

I ride the street regularly on my bicycle commute. I’m not sure how motorists will react, but the improvements certainly welcome more people to ride their bicycles. The benefits will include reduced traffic congestion, reduced pollution, and better safety for bicyclists.

Well done!

Scott Peer



Politicians up to their old tricks again


Why don’t politicians realize how transparent they are?

As the 2010 elections are approaching, more of them are coming out of the woodwork making many speeches for local organizations and nationally, doing so many good things for teacher, homeowners, etc. They think they know where the votes are and are doing everything possible to garner those votes!

And why are voters so naïve as to think their lives are being changed for their good? Don’t they know that as usual, things will return to pre-election of taking away their freedoms and of moving us closer to being a socialist nation after the election?

The 2010, and 2012, elections may be our last chance to save us from extinction as we have always been the greatest free nation in the world, where so many citizens of other nations want to come to America to take advantage of our many God-given gifts!

Please voters, think, read and listen to what is going on. Don’t be fooled by rhetoric.

Francis Adams



Fee increases would worsen things


Proposition 25 will reduce the legislative vote required to make changes to California budget from the two-thirds majority requirement currently in effect to a simple-majority.

The two-thirds vote requirement is the last bastion of defense against the fiscally irresponsible politicians in Sacramento that have led California into the financial ditch we are in. If Proposition 25 passes, the spendthrift legislative majority will have a field day. Taxes will surely go up, more businesses will leave the state (raising unemployment), and things will go from bad to worse.

Have you noticed the massive increase in your DMV fees? That is what will surely happen to your property and income taxes. Stop the fiscal irresponsibility in Sacramento and vote no on Proposition 25!

Tim Lewis



Victims of ID theft should take thorough action


Thanks for running Ruth Sowby’s stolen identity piece (“Don’t stay a victim after identity theft,” Aug. 27).

If every victim of this insidious brand of crime took such swift and thorough action, I think we would all be a little safer.

April Dammann