Police seek help in identifying road rage attacker

NORTH GLENDALE — Glendale police detectives on Tuesday asked for the public's help in identifying a motorist who climbed a couple's car during a red light and hit them several times through an open sunroof.

The road rage attack at Cordova Avenue and Monterey Road occurred two weeks ago on the same day a Glendale man was stabbed in the stomach by another motorist who cut him off on the Golden State (5) Freeway near Western Avenue. Police are also seeking the public's help in tracking that attacker down.

In the sunroof incident, the attacking motorist reportedly went on a violent tirade at 8:07 p.m. Aug. 26 after failing to cut off the couple who were attempting to make a left turn onto Monterey Road, Glendale Police Det. Alex Krikorian said.

"If he is willing to do that, who knows what else he will do," Krikorian said.

The Sherman Oaks couple was waiting at the light on Glendale Avenue to make the left when the motorist tried cutting in front of them, but the light turned red, Krikorian said.

While waiting at the light, he exited his vehicle and began yelling at the couple, Krikorian said.

The light turned green and the couple turned on Monterey and came to a stop at Cordova, he said.

The man again exited his vehicle, began climbing up the couple's car, reached into their sunroof and hit them several times, Krikorian said.

In an attempt to get the motorist off of their car, the victim drove forward and the man eventually got off, Krikorian said.

But as he walked away, he broke the right side mirror off the couple's car, Krikorian said.

The couple, who weren't seriously injured in the attack, followed the motorist, but eventually lost him.

That motorist was described as a white man, about 28 to 30 years old, 5 foot 11 inches to 6 foot 2 inches tall with a medium build and goatee-styled facial hair. He wore a gray shirt and a black hat.

His vehicle was described as newer, black Isuzu SUV with dark tinted windows. The couple said the vehicle's license was challenging to read because it was bent in half.

Anyone with details about the attack is urged to call Krikorian at (818) 548-3106 or Glendale Crime Stoppers at (818) 507-7867. To remain anonymous, call the Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers' tip line at (800) 222-TIPS.

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