Mailbag: Terrible timing for DMV renovations

I would like to apply for any one of those positions that were held at the time the vote was cast for the renovation to the Department of Motor Vehicle in Glendale ("DMV closing for renovations," Aug. 10).

I can't believe that it is being done at a time when this state is so broke. For months now, we have witnessed long lines due to employees losing days from their salary due to the state's lack of money. Yet, somehow, it was decided by some department to use funds that we don't have to renovate the DMV in Glendale?

When a family is short of money, they learn to make do! They cut down on things like vacations, eating out, and, of course, remodeling is out of the question! Do we have to send our representatives back to school to learn this?

It is unacceptable, and the timing is an insult to each and every taxpayer.

I am tired of seeing our tax money wasted and misused and would like to apply for one of these positions. I am short on degrees, but I do have a talent that this committee would find useful. I call it common sense.

Edwina L. Hughes


Capital gains tax doesn't affect only the rich

I take exception to California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown and Democrats saying keeping the capital gains tax where it is now will only benefit the rich.

When my husband died, I got $10,000 from insurance that I invested into corporate bonds. Since then, I saved as much as I could and invested in stocks and bonds. Now at 78, I must use these stocks, which have a gain, to live on — Social Security is not enough — and pay a higher tax on the gain.

This is not fair to the little guy. I tried to save to have money to take care of myself in my old age; now the Democrats want to raise the tax on the gain.

This is double taxation: First you pay taxes on the money you earn, then you have to pay taxes on the income and any gain on the sale.

Jane Leggett


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